Solar Focus is actively helping companies and individuals in and around Nelspruit and White River, to reduce their dependence on South Africa's sole electricity utility , Eskom.

Solar Focus
Solar Focus


Solar Focus is a supplier and installer of a range of renewable energy products suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. Products offered include Solar Water Heaters, Heat Pumps, Solar Power Systems and LED Lighting Solutions.

With years of experience and thousands of successful installations behind us, Solar Focus has to be at the top of your list of service providers in this industry. We have learnt from our mistakes and persisted with sometimes blind determination. We now proudly regard ourselves as the leaders in solar thermal installations in our region.

Solar Photovoltaic solutions was added to our product offering in 2012 and, with the support of highly experienced suppliers, we have a number of successful installations in operation, ranging from small load shedding solutions to executive homes to an off-grid mining village to a 25kWp grid tied system for a school.


Solar Focus specializes in servicing the Mpumalanga lowveld and escarpment region including :

  White River

Solar Focus